We Have Moved!
Brazil Bronze UES/Headquarters @ Samuel Shriqui Salon

Samuel Shriqui Salon has a prime location on the Upper East Side, a stones throw away from some of the most world-renowned boutiques. With its beautiful courtyard it offers a unique location for your bridal shower luncheon or special event. The recent renovation created the modern space that boasts some of the most talented colorists, stylists and technicians in New York City. The salon offers a wide range of services including cuts, color, straightening and keratin treatments, nails, makeup and skin care, giving the opportunity to book all the services you may need. The salon utilizes L’Oreal’s Majirel and Inoa color products, and offers Kerastase and Shu Uemura hair care retail lines. In addition, the first ever Essie Flagship exclusively found inside Samuel Shriqui Salon, offers over 250 shades of Essie nail polish available for purchase. Some of the most powerful men and women of New York make it their weekly stop for the talented experienced manicurists and comfortable, boldly-colored love seats that represents the colors of Essie nails. Brazil Bronze Glow Bar is happy to announce that we now have our headquarters in the company of the best in the beauty business.


Brazil Bronze @ Samuel Shriqui Salon 35 East 65th Street (Between Madison & Park Avenues)
New York, NY10065

To Schedule an Appointment

Call Samuel Shriqui Salon: 212-472-6805
Email Samuel Shriqui Salon: appointments@samuelshriquisalon.com

For Spray Tan Service Questions:

Email: joy@brazilbronze.com


F, W, Trains to 63rd and Lexington Avenue
N, Q Trains to 59th St and Lexington Avenue
6 Train to 68th And Lexington Avenue
4, 5 Trains to 59th St

Parking Garage (Across from Samuel Shriqui Salon):

30 East 65th Street
Between Park & Madison
(212) 879-8798

Please Read Before You Schedule
Your Appointment
Cancellation Policy

All Appointments must be cancelled within 24 hours of your scheduled appointment. If you do not cancel within 24 hours, you will be charged full price.

Multiple Appointments

Scheduling multiple appointments within a week is against our policy. You will be charged full price if more than 1 appointment is booked within this time frame. If you book an appointment under your name for another person, you will be responsible for that charge. If you need to book more than 1 appointment within a weeks time, please call the salon to book the additional appointment.


Vouchers and Packages can only be used in the location they were purchased for or in. Please make sure you only book your appointment in the location that is listed on your voucher or in the location you purchased your package. If any appointment is made with a voucher for another salon location, you will be charged full price for your tan.


When you are scheduling your tan online and have a voucher, make sure you choose the Voucher company name in the
section where you have to choose your tan
example: Gilt single tan, Gilt 2 pack
next, make sure you enter the voucher code.

All clients,must enter a valid credit card number in order to schedule an appointment. Even if you have a package or voucher.
Once you enter your voucher information, you will only be charged tax on that voucher.( $1.12 per session).
If you have a package, the system will recognize that and will not charge you.

In order to book an appointment with us, you must create an online account with full name, phone number, email address and credit card information,. If you have difficulty doing this, we can help you over the phone.
Once you schedule your appointment, you will receive an email confirmation.

Schedule Appointment at Soho

After-Tan Care

  • After your original tan treatment, we recommend waiting 8-10 hours before your first post treatment shower
  • After your express solution treatment, you may shower 3- 4 hours depending on how dark you would like to be. Leaving the solution on longer will make the tan become darker. Please make sure you do not keep our express solution on longer than 5 hours. TIP: The tan may take longer to develop in certain areas, so it is important to leave it on for the full recommended time. You will see the true color a few hours after your first shower. If you see any creases, marks or areas where the tan has rubbed off, DO NOT PANIC! This is just the color guide. This will even out after your first shower.
    After your shower, if you see any issues with your tan, contact the salon immediately. This is not common but can happen if the areas has been wet or touched before you took your shower. Its best to contact the salon to see if you did anything that should not have been done so you can avoid this happening with your next tan.
  • The bronzer you see initially after the service is not your tan it is a color guide. As your tan develops you may get darker in the 8-12 hour developing time. This is the solution developing underneath. After you first shower you will be the same color as your color guide when you left Brazil Bronze.
  • Please do not expose your skin to water, sweating or working out while your airbrush is developing.
  • Use soap very lightly during your showers. Do not scrub your skin until you are ready to remove your tan before your next application. TIP: Best to use a moisturizing soap when showering with a spray tan.
  • Please avoid waxing after the service it will result in taking your tan off.
  • Brazil Bronze strongly suggests moisturizing one to two times a day when your airbrush is on. Moisturizing correctly will extend your tan and make it fade evenly. TIP: Brazil Bronze Glow Stretcher is a great way to moisturize and extend the life of your tan.
    Brazil Bronze Glow Stretcher
  • You may purchase Brazil Bronze Glow Stretcher and Sunkissed Shower Gel or Sunkissed Body Organic body Butter (paraben free) in our Soho location.
  • Swimming and soaking in pools, hot tubs, and saltwater dry out your skin and shorten the life of your tan. We do recommend using a sunblock lotion regularly to act as a barrier while in water.
  • Brazil Bronze solution is not a sunblock, please always apply sun protection with your airbrush on. TIP: Try Brazil Bronze SPF 30 (made for spray tans)
    Brazil Bronze 30 SPF
Brazil Bronze SPF is also available in our Soho location.
  • Brazil Bronze cannot guarantee removal of solution out of all materials
  • We do not recommend any soaps, cleanser or lotions from any other brands
  • Avoid using any other brands of tan extenders, self-tanning lotions etc… over our spray tan.
  • Do not use any types of body oils or oily spf sprays over your spray tan.
  • Do not use an oils or oily spf sprays over your spray tan. TIP: To extend or enhance the life of your spray tan we recommend:
Brazil Bronze Luxury Spray Tan Mist

This is our original spray tan solution in an aerosol format, This can be used to create a Brazil Bronze tan or extend the life of your spray tan

Brazil Bronze Spray Tan Mist
Brazil Bronze Tansxl Spray Mist

This is our Tansxl hydrating spray tan in an aerosol format. This can be used to create a tan or enhance your existing tan.

All products Can be purchased online or sold in our Soho location.
Brazil Bronze-Bronze Perfection

This is an amazing, very light feeling body makeup that will enhance your spray tan This can also be used without a spray tan to create a natural looking tan that will stay on all day. You will not feel this on your skin. Once it is applied, it stays put. This product is so easy to apply and looks very natural. This product applied over your spray tan will make your tan look fresh daily.

Brazil Bronze Perfection
Spray Tan Expectations

As far as we are concerned, the spray tan is the greatest invention. A spray tan with a high quality product is a safe way to look healthy, tan, and gives the illusion of being 10lbs lighter. Who wouldn’t want to feel and look like this every day?

That being said, there is some responsibility in creating the perfect tan.

  • A great product
  • A great tanning machine
  • A qualified technician
  • Proper lighting
  • Tan preparation
  • After tan care

We are fully capable of creating the perfect tan and by you following the guidelines above, together we can create a long lasting tan fades like a gradual tan.

It looks like a lot of information but once you know what to do, it’s very easy and with just a little tweaking in your daily schedule, this will result in a great long lasting tan. Most people tan weekly, some for special occasions or vacations. Whatever your reason for getting a spray tan. We all want the result to be a great one.