Spray Tan Preparation

  • Before your airbrush service, exfoliate the day prior to your tan. Your exfoliant may have oils or lotion that will act as a barrier, in addition to that, you want to make sure your pores are closed when getting your tan. Exfoliating is not necessary but will result in a better, longer lasting tan. 
    • Make sure your body is free of make-up, moisturizer, and deodorant. These can act as a barrier and block the tan, cause an uneven tan or create discoloration. TIP: If you are booking a last minute tan, you can remove these in our salon.
    • Please schedule your appointment after manicures or pedicures. We do not recommend nail service other then polish changes after your airbrush appointment. Any soaking or scrubbing will remove the tan prematurely and cause unevenness,
    • Wear very dark loose fitting clothes for after your appointment. Please no jeans. Denim will soak up your tan and cause unevenness. TIP: If you are booking a last minute appointment and are already wearing restricting clothes, pick up something loose and inexpensive to wear before your appointment.
    • In inclement weather please wear a jacket, long pants and boots. You can not get wet or sweat for 8-10 hours after your airbrush service, or up to 4 hours with our express tan. TIP: If you do not have the above items you can purchase a disposable plastic poncho or an umbrella for under $5 in your nearest drug store