5 Brazil Bronze Tanning Mousse with Tanning Mitts


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Brazil Bronze Anti-Aging Tanning Mousse

Brazil Bronze Anti-Aging Tanning Mousse is a beauty product and tanning product in one.  
Infused with top beauty ingredients Resveratrol, Hyaluronic, Vitamin C & Vitamin D

Brazil Bronze Anti-AgingTanning Mousse is great  way to keep your face and body glowing year-round. This  light and airy mousse is easy to apply and creates a beautiful natural looking tan. 


*Natural Color
*No Odor
*Not messy
*Easy to control/easy to apply
*Ingredients: Hydrate, Helps fight wrinkles, helps boost collagen, helps fight free radicals, anti-inflammatory, Helps block dangerous UV Light. 
*Beauty Product/Tanning Product combination
*Made by a company who has been in the tanning industry on both ends of the business servicing clients and retail) for over 15 years.
*Made in the USA
*7 oz