Spray Tan Safety

Spray Tan Safety at Brazil Bronze

Vegan, Organic, Natural and never tested on animals.

Our Solutions:

Brazil Bronze spray tan solutions are water based, made with the highest quality DHA and infused with organic and natural ingredients. Our solutions have been safety tested in the US, EU and South America. All Brazil Bronze spray tan solutions are Free of parabens, phthalate, sulphate and are cruelty free, gluten free and vegan. 

Quality ingredients are a key factor in the safety of spray tanning solutions and all solutions are not created equally. Our products were developed by a grade-A pharmaceutical laboratory. All ingredients are non-carcinogenic. We developed our own products specifically because the products on the market contained ingredients we did not approve of.

Though the development of our products was the understanding they are absorbed by the skin and put into the air, so they must be safe  from all perspectives. Our products have been used on many thousands of clients since 2002 with great results.

Your Spray Tan Experience:

The FDA states that some individuals could have sensitivity to DHA in the mucous membranes (eyes, lips, genitals.) We have never had a client experience this, however we offer all clients eye protectors, nose plugs, Vaseline and disposable panties.

Our Spray Tan Technicians:

Our technicians are fully trained to make sure your environment is free of any hazards. A well ventilated area, a spray tan that is applied correctly, and using only our high grade solutions. Although our products have been safety tested on all levels, It is mandatory that our sprayers wear a safety mask while spraying because of extended exposure.

Our Environment:

Our sprayers apply our solutions with a fine mist. You will still receive the level of tan that you requested but this will eliminate excess over spray and keep the spray on you and not in the air. Our spray rooms also have high quality air extractors to pick up any over spray.