About Joy Romano

About Joy Romano

Brazil Bronze Glow Bar
Owner/CEO/Director of Product Development

In 2007, Joy Romano joined Brazil Bronze as partner and is now the CEO and Director of Product Development. Over the years, Joy has helped shape the Brazil Bronze brand and create new Brazil Bronze spray tan products. 

Joy is very involved with the day-to -day activity of Brazil Bronze Glow Bar and keeps in close communication with all Brazil Bronze spray tan clients and the salons and spas that offer Brazil Bronze spray tans.

Joys background includes franchising, business development, product development,design, sales and marketing. 

Joy Romano grew up in Park Slope and Brooklyn Heights Brooklyn. As a teenager and well into her 30’s , Joys was a sun worshiper, tanning in the sun with baby oil and sun reflectors which was the thing to do in those days in addition to using tanning beds. 

Into her 30’s, Joy was given a gift certificate to Brazil Bronze Glow Bar. Becoming more aware and more concerned with skin damage, Joy was excited about this gift and decided to give spray tanning a try.  Simultaneously, after selling the last of her 4 Curves for Women franchises, Joy was looking to venture into anew business. 

Seconds after getting her first Brazil Bronze, it occurred to her that this may be a great business opportunity. Providing a healthy way for people to get a tan. After much research, Joy decided this is a perfect fit. Soon after, Joy became partner and manager of Brazil Bronze. In addition to years of managing the super busy salon and setting up other salons and spas with Brazil Bronze products. Joy was able to get feedback from the thousands of clients coming into the salon and started to develop and market more spray tanning solutions and retail products for the Brazil Bronze Brand. Creating products that weren’t just tanning products but a combination of beauty and tanning which was much needed in the tanning industry. Joy is constantly looking for ways to reinvent the spray tan and to create new Brazil Bronze products that are part of a daily beauty and tanning regimen.