Brazil Bronze Glow Bar spray tan services

Brazil Bronze Infrared RejuvaTan

Be the first to try our rejuvenating tan. You will be sprayed using any of our Brazil Bronze Luxury house blend spray tan solutions: Original, Express, Hydrating, Sculpted, Cellulite Annihilator or Organic. After your tan, you will be treated to the many benefits of our Infrared therapeutic drying station.

Benefits include:

*Better penetration and accelerated tanning. (The infrared heat from our drying station penetrates the skin for quicker development and a longer lasting tan).
*A pleasant and comfortable way to dry your tan
*Deep collagen renewal
*Immune boosting
*Mood enhancing - helps with SAD (Seasonally Affected Disorder)
*Boosts metabolism allowing for faster calorie burning

$70 by appointment only

Gold Tattoo Tan

One of the hottest trends at fashion week were glowing skin adorned With delicate gold body art. Exotic, sexy and understated. These high quality golden foil temporary decals come in this seasons en pointe designs. Gold body chains that can just as easily be wrapped around a wrist, upper arm or waist, clusters of roses or humming birds, the options are beautiful.
At Brazil Bronze we have the full collection from fashion week and can apply them with or without a tan. Choose to have your gold peek seductively beneath your clothes or have it concealed as a delightful surprise for your lovers eyes only. The gold designs can be placed anywhere even as a vajazzle.

Gold Tattoo $15
Gilded Goddess... (Tan with gold tattoo) $75
Gold Bomb..,, (pure gold vajazzle) $15

Black tattoos also available at same prices.

Brazil Bronze Luxury Spray Tan

Your not-so-basic fabulous spray tan with perfect tan lines (or no tan lines at all) you make the call. Go for a healthy glow, a light tan, a medium tan, or go dark!

$60 - Full body spray tan (1 session)
$250 - Full body spray tan (5 sessions)
$475 - Full body spray tan (10 sessions)
$25 - Face only spray tan
$40 - Half body spray tan
$80 - for dark full body tan
$70 - for Spray tan with Cellulite Annihilator
$70 - for Sculpted Spray Tan

We make housecalls! Prices start from $150.

Brazil Bronze Luxury Express Tan

This is the super-speedy, Express 2 Hour solution that you have been waiting for. Only 2 hours is required to have a fully developed beautiful tan (you do not have to wait the usual 6 to 8 hours before taking a shower).

Caution: This fast acting formula really is designed to be showered off after 2 hours.

Price $75 (full body application)
Package of 5 Tans $300

Brazil Bronze Luxury Mega-Hydrating Tan (with Hyaluronic Acid)

This is the hottest new Tan. Our regular DHA formula has been infused with hyaluronic acid that has the ability to hold 1000 times its own weight in water. Gone are the days of flaky, dehydrated skin. This formula is infused with propriety ingredients that stimulate the skin's deep collagen production and keep the skin hydrated, soft and youthful. A complete tonic and treatment for your skin within your self tanning application.

Price $75 (full body application)
Package of 5 Tans $300

Brazil Bronze Luxury Organic Tan:

Ninty five percent organic (highest available in spray tanning)and all natural ingredients. Infused with honey for a sun kissed glow and hyaluronic acid for a mega hydrating effect. The same beautiful color and look as our original tan.

Brazil Bronze Sculpted Tan

As above, but as a finishing touch we will subtly define your musculature, enhancing your abs, pecs...dare we say it - cleavage. Whatever it is you want to flaunt, we'll give it a gorgeous glow! Let us define your body with a make up artist's eye. We airbrush you to help you look more toned and sculpted.

$80 - Sculpted Tan (1 session)
$350 - Sulpted Tan (5 sessions)

Brazil Bronze Cellulite Anihilator

Let's just say that a spray tan can be your butt's best friend...
At Brazil Bronze Glow Bar, we hate it when people come in and say "If only I had lost x amount of pounds." We love you just the way you are and will do everything to make you love the skin you're in and enjoy your own natural beauty! We use a special spray formula containing glycolic, copper pepetides and caffeine that smooths and plumps skin cells to help diminish and mask any imperfections you may have. Areas look noticeably firmer and less dimpled.

$80 - Cellulite Anihilator (1 session)
$350 - Cellulite Anihilator (5 sessions)

Brazil Bronze Glow Stretcher

Try our Brazil Bronze Glow Stretcher to extend the life of your tan. Smells great and contains our super amazing Brazil Bronze DHA.


Airbrush Makeup

We Love Brides

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