Brazil Bronze Rapid Response Line Filler

Available in unique packaging with a metal roller ball end this formula is made with Hyaluronic Acid filled micro-spheres to fill in and flatten out wrinkles. (Clinical Studies show a decrease of 7.5% in forehead expression wrinkles after one hour and 12% after 6 hours) See an immediate difference, along with a cumulative effect! This fragrance free, paraben free formula also contains Bamboo Extract, Vitamin C, Red Marine Algae Extract and Squalene. .34 fluid oz. (about 5 inches high)

Use this product as an alternative to wrinkle fillers such as Restylane.

Coco ChaCha

Sexy instant self tanner for dancers

This self tanner is designed for dancesport. Spray on for easy.professional results. This product works double duty as a self tanner that can be layered over a couple of days to build a dark tan and also sprayed on as an instant bronzer.

7 oz -- $35(call for wholesale prices)


This self tanner produces a perfect, natural looking tan. If used lightly it creates a perfect golden glow, or a stronger application will create a deep, bronze tan. This self tanner is infused with hyaluronic acid which is deeply hydrating , this means the tan lasts longer, fades evenly, and your skin looks youthful and sexy. TANSXL has a light bronzer, you can see where you are spraying it and it has a slight cosmetic bronzing effect. Many people spray a little on their face every day before leaving the house. Super easy to use, the product features an easy to control aerosol that produces a light, easy to control mist. You can create a salon style airbrush tan at home. Light clean fragrance, beachy and pleasant: this product does not smell like other self tanners.

7 oz -- $35(call for wholesale prices)

Brazil Bronze Luxury Spray Tan Mist

Brazil Bronze Luxury Spray Tan Mist is our famous tan in an aerosol format. Great to apply your own tan or to touch up an existing tan. This spray gives you a great bronze color. Sprays on as a light mist and results are flawless.

7 oz -- $35 (call for wholesale prices) :

Brazil Bronze 30 SPF Skin and Spray Tan Protector

The first ever sunscreen especially designed to protect your skin perfectly while not corroding your fake tan. We developed an SPF formula that has the highest levels of UVA and UVB protections and has been created in such a way to be sympathetic to your fake tan. Our revolutionary SPF is suspended in a special aloe base, the molecules are super small and are easily absorbed into the skin, rather than sitting on the surface. The spray is non oily, is immediately absorbed, it is waterproof and paraben free. This is the first sunscreen deliberately created to be safe to use with your fake tan. It will not wear off your tan.


Brazil Bronze Glow Stretcher

Brazil Bronze Luxury Glow Stretcher is great for moisturizing your tan and gradually adding a little color to it to help the tan last longer and keep it fresh looking for the whole duration of the tan. Can even be used on skin that doesn't have a pre-existing tan to add light color or just a glow.

7 oz -- $35 (call for wholesale prices) :

Brazil Bronze Luxury Dermabrasion Soap

Brazil Bronze Luxury Dermabrasion Glow Bar (with dermabrasion crystals) is the ultimate tan eraser and skin preparation. Great to remove the last of your tan, remove dead skin cells and moisturize you skin so your next spray tan is applied to freshly exfoliated hydrated skin. Can also be used just to freshen up skin that has not been spray tanned.

$20 (call for wholesale prices) :