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TANSXL launch party

Saturday, July 30th, 2011

On Wednesday July 27th we officially launched the TANSXL lifestyle brand with a rooftop party at SkyB Lounge. This was such an exciting and much anticipated day for us. The first two products in the line are a Mega Hydrating Self Tanner and a delicious, healthy, hydrating bottled cocktail, a light sensual blend of fruits and herbs, flecked with gold flakes…Joy and I developed these products with our friend and business partner Derek Saathoff.

Sally, Derek and JoyIt was such a beautiful fun night. so many friends showed up to celebrate with us. It was amazing to be on a Manhattan rooftop, surrounded by the twinkling lights of New York City, a gentle breeze blowing, sipping our sexy cocktail, laughing and dancing the night away in great company.

TANSXL the cocktail and the self tanner...There were plenty of glamorous people…but most fun of all was to have all the beautiful girls from Brazil Bronze dressed up and on the dance floor together, with amazing music by DJ Dharma.

Tamara, Klaudia and Viola - pretty as a picture :)We are really excited by these products and what they represent. My friends are really health conscious, we believe that it is our own responsibility to create our own good health by living a healthy lifestyle. We want a healthy glow, but we are not going to risk skin cancer and wrinkles by laying out in the sun. We are all about practicing safe sun, getting our glow on with a luxury self tanner that hydrates and replenishes the skin – then we can just play in the sun, wearing sun screen. We want to party and enjoy the night life – but we want to do it the healthy way – we’ll have a cocktail or two – but something light, sexy and healthy – because tomorrow morning we don’t want to waste the day with a hangover -we have work to do, we want to go on a run, climb a mountain, dance – fit into a fabulous dress…we don’t want to be all puffed up and hung over. So TANSXL is about that, creating health and having fun, treating the body as a temple – by making great choices.

a great night with friendsAnd one final shout out from me – thank you to Ryan Nicklaus from Ryan Darius salon for hooking me up with Anthony in his salon and making me super pretty, you have to try the amazing keratin treatment he offers, it makes your hair like silk, and his salon is like a doll house, so pretty and perfect. Thank you to my buddy Kiersten to personally bringing me to meet her friend Nicole Miller and helping me choose a great party dress. Most importantly thank you to Joy and Derek for a true collaboration of minds and spirit, I really love both of them and what could be more important than work feeling like play. Look out for our new website

TanSexual… practice safe sun!

Tuesday, May 10th, 2011

Life has been a lot like a reality show lately. Actually life has been a reality show. My partner Joy and I have been working to create a revolutionary new tanning product with one of our favorite longstanding clients Derek Saathoff. Derek has been our client for a decade, he used to come to us when he was a model, back in the day when we had our tiny studio on the 2nd floor of 580 Broadway. Now Derek is a model manager and one of the stars of the logo reality hit “A-List NYC”. (Also known as “Real Housewives with Balls”). We are so excited about the new product, it embraces all of the great things that we have worked on over the past ten years – our ledgendry self- tanner with several cutting edge innovations. Derek is a gorgeous man, with an extremely high level of taste. We collaborated to come up with a product that was sexy, clean, undetectable as a “fake” tan. The spray, which is for at home use, incorporates hyaluronic acid for mega skin hydration and skin care. This is a tan that bronzes you and gives your skin an amazing treatment at the same time, working on moisturization and deep collagen building. TanSexual is a cult, New York City product – born in Soho – it is all about being well groomed, sexy, clean, polished, healthy – and keeping your skin safe and youthful – by keeping out of the sun. Our product is called “TanSexual”. This season the question to ask is “are you a TanSexual.”

To celebrate the upcoming launch of “TanSexual” – god only knows how we decided this was fitting – Derek has decided to allow me to train him to dance Boylesque in my show. This coming Friday (the 13th lord help us) we are having a revue at BLVD (199 Bowery by Prince Street) and Derek will be dancing with a hot group of guys we auditioned and recruited. The new group is called “Derek and the Glitterballs”.

Glam Rock, Pop Tart, Glitter Ball party

You probably don’t recognize me from this pic – but I am the one wearing the purple afro – next to me are Pink Champagne and Kiki. We are so excited for this show and for Derek’s debut. He and the Glitterballs will be dancing to a hot song from “Rocky Horror Picture Show” and I just know it is going to bring the house down. 2Xist have been kind enough to outfit the Glitterballs. The show starts at 9.30pm – please come by for this historic evening. I am so grateful for the wonderful dancers in this group, they are so talented, sexy, hot and fun. I have had a blast preparing this number. 

I am also crazy excited because I have 14 girls dancing their debut of a new Britney Spears revue – Go Pink Chardonnays!! I am also going to be dancing my Madonna number. This new troupe of Pink Chardonnays are GORGEOUS. You could not find 14 prettier, sassier girls. I can’t wait to be dancing with them on Friday night.


our "Vogue" number

our "Vogue" number

So – stay posted for more info about the upcoming launch of TanSexual. As Derek says “it’s not about being gay, straight, bi or whatever – it’s ALL about being TanSexual.”