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Abba fabulous

My mind is preoccupied with everything Abba. I have two little girls ages 4 and 9 and they are so totally in love with the movie “Mama Mia!”…it was free on On Demand and we must have watched it 100 times. I ordered the soundtrack on itunes….and then I dug up my old Best of ABBA CDs.

And then, a definite sign from on high, the past two times when I went to get my hair done at Gerard Bollei who should be sitting incognito in the chair next to me…..Christine Baranski…..two times in a row. I am pleased to report she seemed super nice in person. Very polite to all the hired help and other hoy-polloy. Once she actually conversed with me about the weather. I am always deeply impressed by politeness in celebrities…and my own informal research has taught me is that the only people who are truly a pain in the *rse are reality tv people. I once had a terrible run in with one of the Bachelorrettes (not Trista) who actually said to me “Do you know who I am…..?” I nearly wet myself.

But I digress.

So recently I have been playing a ton of Abba on my ipod and while I work….and suddenly it dawned on me that I must definitely have an Abba medley for my next dance performance with my troupe. The possibilities are endless. I have been on all the Abba fansites and downloaded tons of costume pictures. Oh my… many outrageous and theatrical possibilities. I am compiling a look book and plan on getting the outfits made in Hong Kong. (I just had them make a ballroom dress for me – it took only nine days to have a dress custom made and shipped from Hong Kong to NY – and it was in a bag so tiny that my dad, who received the package, said to me “Sally, it is not possible for your latin dress to be in this bag, the bag isn’t big enough for a decent sized pair of underwear…..and this chinese lady is obviously a rather nasty liar as the customs form says it is second hand and of no value.” Again I digress

But anyway – the Hong Kong dress was amazing and I have high hopes that they will come up with fabulous outfits for everyone in my group – and we definitely range in size and shape

Since news got out that we are going down the Abba road this spring – everyone has been calling me. I am not the only nerd who loves Abba – there are so many closet fans out there. Or so many exhibitionists in waiting….don’t we all just need an opportunity to let our hair down sometimes.

So anyway – if you are out there in the blogosphere reading this, if you live within commuting distance of NYC, if you love to dance, it doesn’t matter if you are very good or not, feel free to get in touch with me. The whole point about my dance troupe is that it speaks to what I consider to be my larger life mission – something I think about everyday when I am in Brazil Bronze. It seems to me that when it comes to aging and self value, women have the short end of the stick. I love to find ways for people to discover themselves in their own best light, to see that they really are beautiful and that their beauty is not dependent on being 20 yrs old or weighing 120 pounds. Through the dance group I like to showcase every side of the woman…..with joy, with laughter, with over the top theatricality. I like to give permission to other women to showcase the side of themself that perhaps they usually keep hidden…but secretly long to let rip.

So this coming february we will start to rehearse twice a week in the evenings. My beautiful husband Alex Tchassov is the teacher – and we have the divine pleasure of having choreography and coaching by my super wonderful teachers Jose Decamps and Joanna Zacharewicz who are 3 times world champion…..and are always so super patient and creative with our group. Together we rehearse for 2 plus months and at the end of April we will head to the Pocono mountains to perform our show in public. It is always an incredible journey. It is so incredible to see what people are able to do when they put their mind to it. It is one of the reasons I really love to dance – because if you think you can’t do something then you can’t – but if you set yourself up that anything is possible – then it generally  is!

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