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happy thankgiving!

could there be a better place to spend thanksgiving than in NYC? I remember when I first moved to America back in 1987 I didn’t really understand the holiday. It seemed like a dress rehearsal for Christmas – with pumpkin pie thrown in.

But now, all these years later, and now that I have my own family, I love this holiday which gives us a chance to reflect on all the things I am thankful for.

This year I got to celebrate the holiday in style. I went with my husband and girls to the annual breakfast and parade watching fiesta at Per Se in the Time Warner building. My little girls got amazing seats on the window ledge overlooking Columbus Circle – and we had the perfect view of all the floats. Per Se had cooked so many delicious treats – the children were in love with all of the gourmet versions of regular cookies – and the servers were so gentile – letting the little girls choose whatever goodies they wanted. It felt so good to be in the centre of NYC, surrounded by friends, enjoying the view.

Next we went to thanksgiving number 2 at my parents home in NJ. Now my mother has been battling emphysema for the past three years and many holidays have been spent in the hospital. So the very fact that we were all at home gathered around the table together was not taken lightly. I am definitely blessed to have such a beautiful family, my parents are the kindest nicest people in the world, the little girls are adorable – and my husband is the best! So good to just be together and to take a moment to hold gratitude in your heart.

Then on to thanksgiving number 3….to our dear friends in Jersey City. My girls had the best time playing drums in the basement, playing monopoly, eating even more dessert…and for my husband and I chance to relax for a while and to reflect on another really great year. We had so much fun making new friends through our dance group, we are in the process of making our documentary, Brazil Bronze is in its’ 7th year of business, we have had so much fun with our family and friends, traveling to dance competitions, camping in the Adirondaks, taking the kids to Disney, getting to help House of Loveness in Zimbabwe….so many beautiful rich experiences to be thankful for…..

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