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February already

Where did January go? I cannot believe that it is February already.

I have been busy. What is a girl to do to blot out the January blues? Feeling fat after the holidays, the blah cold days of winter stretching out ahead of one like goodness knows what. I decided to get busy. One of my goals for this year was to enter The Miss Exotic World Pageant. Miss Exotic World is kind of the Miss Universe of the burlesque world. I haven’t been dancing burlesque that long, but what the hey – I was in the mood to scale the Mount Everest of Burlesque.

Itsy Bitsy Teeny WeenyWe had a great idea for a number, but when we checked the deadline we discovered we needed to submit a video of our proposed entry by January 23rd. So we scurried into action, choreographing, shopping for corsets, sewing feathers, hot glue gunning, begging photographers, rehearsing night after night – and on January 20th – my birthday eve – we went to the studio and put our entry in the can. Who knows if we will make it – what a laugh it has been. The girls in our group all have really serious day jobs: bankers, dosctors, medical sales reps, teachers, nurses – everything you could think of – but we all need a little light relief. We had a very big giggle making burlesque names for the girls who didn’t have one yet – some of my favorites are Fawn Fingerling and Rosie Cheeks…. oh and then there is Candy Applebottom. After we had our shoot we went out for drinks to celebrate my birthday – and I thought how grateful I am to live in NYC, to have my life and my friends – and such a fun business as Brazil Bronze.

Snowy Mount TremblantThe following weekend I celebrated my birthday with a ski trip to Mt Tremblant in Canada.I cannot believe how much fun we had. We flew to Montreal and after an hour and a half we arrived in this gorgeous snowy wonderland. Everyone speaks French, it is as pretty as a picture, the snow was soft and powdery, I just totally loved it. In the pic above I am with Holly Honeythighs, Candy Applebottom and Rosie Cheeks :) The skiing was amazing, the Fairmount hotel was gorgeous -with the best hot tub, the poor waiter served us cocktails wearing a parka – while we wore our wooly hats in the water and a blizzard raged. We ice skated on a real lake, ate gorgeous fondues – in general we had the best ski adventure possible for a quick weekend away from NYC. I can’t wait to go back.

Super busy now in the salon. Sending out press on all the hot new products for 2012. Getting ready for Valentine’s day – lots of people are scheduling boudoir shoots to surprise their honey. This week we have tons of dance shows – we are actually going to dance in an aquarium tomorrow. Friday I am throwing my own Valentine’s Burlesque bash – a show, party and dancing. This week will be a scurry of work, rehearsals, shows and party planning – with all the usual kids homework and school bus catching thrown in.

Love Sexy! Sweet Surprise PartySo far this winter hasn’t been too bad. I guess the key is to keep busy, keep things fun, stay surrounded by friends and keep the laughter flowing. I’ll be sure to take some pics of dancing at the aquarium. Stay posted.

I am collecting great spray tan pics – if you have a pic of yourself looking great after your spray tan – please email it to me @

Stay toasty.

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