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update on the Mambo queens!

So. I have had this rather eccentric, typical Sally, back to school project. I thought to myself – everyone I talk to, in the salon, friends from round and about – everyone and their grandma is obsessed by all the dancing reality shows – “Dancing With The Stars” and “So you think you can Dance”. Everyone secretly wishes they could be the one wearing the sparkly dress, dancing hours a day, getting skinny, in the spotlight. So I devised this project – I picked the song Mambo # 5 and put it out there to my friends – how would you like to rehearse this choreographed dance number – a sexy, sultry mambo…..very intensly for two months – then come and perform it at a dance show in the Poconos on October 25th. Can I tell you how many loony bins – kindred spirits – sisters in crime I found to join me? Currently our troupe has 13 members – and I said no to at least 10 other people. There are 11 women – playing the parts of every female fantasy……and there are two guys to feed the fantasies to!

Now, the majority of our cast has never danced before. We started rehearsals on September 11th and have been practicing two or three times a week – with fierce intensity. I guess our age range is 30s to 50s. We have been learning the basic vocabulary from which the performance will be strung together.

It is pretty intense. The main object of the exercise is for the ladies to get to have a chance to express themselves. How do they want to portray themselves – isn’t it fun to try on a different personality just for a couple of months. It’s a pretty risky business – if you always walk around the block presenting yourself to the universe in a certain way – to stop for a moment and think that it is actually a choice – although I am a grown woman – I can play dress up and be who the hell I want to be! So there is a ton of steps and knowledge to be crammed into everyones heads and muscle memory – to get everyone to the point where they can relax and groove out.

Now we are half way through the rehearsal process. Scarey but true. I feel the main obstacle – for the ladies – is just they can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. The whole reason I had wanted to do this – is because I am an amateur dancer, and because my husband is professional – I get the opportunity to put on the pretty dress and dance some silly number at my own limited level – and it is fun. It is fun to set yourself a goal and conquer your fears and do what you think is not possible for yourself. I wanted to share the whole process – the excitement, the feeling overwhelmed, the experimentation, the fun – and ultimately the exhillaration of actually pulling your finger out and actually accomplishing something tangible.

One thing I have to say is that we have the most incredible group of individuals. Such beautiful open spirits – really open to having a good time and casting inhibition aside. It is so damned cute. Really – when someone gives up their inhibition and just puts it all out there – it is amazing to see.

So that is my back to school project – for grown up – because grown ups deserve to have fun too! I’ll keep you posted on our progress and post some pictures of our group.

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